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World Class City

Posted by Lina Fat on 1 August 2011

Mayor Kevin Johnson mentioned Sacramento to be a “World Class City”. Many people relate this to New York, London and Paris. To me, a world class city is the nucleus of a strong region that has open space, variety of housing availability, diversity, sustainable farming, green technology, job opportunities, strong business base, arts and culture, great choice in colleges and universities. These are the amenities that Sacramento Region has, plus two rivers, and lakes. To sustain a great region, the nucleus which is the City of Sacramento has to be economically and culturally strong. Part of the strength is the building of the Sports and Entertainment Complex which will bring not only big scale arts and culture, entertainment, sports, large conventions, but also jobs for people who live in the region. This complex will be our Civic Center and we need to build it right, supported by the whole region and be proud of it.

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